Welcome to Learning Adventures Preschool

We are a high quality preschool focused on academics, learning through play, and creative experiences. We offer VPK, summer camp, sign language and Spanish.

What is our philosophy?

At Learning Adventures Preschool we believe that all people are to be valued and respected. All students have the capacity to learn, to interact effectively and to succeed.

What is our goal?

To provide your child with a good foundation during the critical, formative years. The love of learning starts in a place where children can have fun, feel safe and are encouraged to develop their own unique gifts.

How are we different?

Our curriculum was developed in line with current brain based research. Ours is a strength based approach which implements the cooperative learning structures of Dr. Spencer Kagan and Laurie Kagan and the basic framework of Dr. Alfred Adler for fostering social interest and self reliance.


Have a look at our kids and some activities that they do on a daily basis.


See what some of our parents have to say about us.

Our daughter adores this school.. we love Ms Kara and Ms Dorothy. . And all the other fellow teachers. . Thanks for an outstanding job with all the students. . We highly recommend this preschool.. xo


Erin Knoll Taylor

I love love love this place, the teachers and the director are amazing ! They do an amazing job of relating with each kid, getting to know them, what they like and don't like . The ppl in this school are a true treasure . I would recommend this place to anyone! Thank you for all you do ! We are excited for kindergarten...but, the school and teachers will be missed.


Anita Woodson

This preschool is the best. My son loves all the teachers there!! They are very good with him. He has learned so much there. You need to enroll your child here now.


Mike Adamosky

My son and daughter have both gone here. Excellent balance of education and fun for these young ones. Lots of activities and even a Christmas and Graduation show which were the most darling performances ever!!!


Sarah Weatherbee

My daughter attends school here and she enjoys it very much. Great director and awesome teachers. All around great school!


Erica Lynn Bray

I am the grandmother of two children who have attended Learning Adventures PreSchool, one currently in VPK and his older brother who attended six years ago. I am an early childhood educator myself so I have a pretty high standard. The teachers and director of this school are so warm and loving to the kids and so accepting of differences. There is no cookie cutter expectation. All the teachers know all the kids in every class, they know their developmental stages and treat them all with the same dedication and care. I am amazed at how well the teachers know all the kids!! It's a small school - just the right size for the kids to know everyone and form friendships outside of their own classroom. It feels like a big extended family. I especially appreciate the emotional and social development guidance that all the teachers provide. The teachers are conscientious, well trained in the best practices,"real" and very loving. I am really happy for my grandson to be here - really happy! He is getting a very well rounded daytime life - learning adventures, good friends, adults modeling good communication and respect, cooperation, independance, and more! I had the same enthusiastic stamp of approval for the time my other grandson attended - it's even better! This school believes in growing and learning - for everyone. Parents and grandparents are welcomed to contribute skills and support. The time I volunteer there is the highlight of my week.


MarSea Amani



NaeNae Cdavistrio Mommiofthree

What do we offer

A well rounded, early preschool experience, which incorporates the different areas of academics.

Learning Centers

Providing hands on activities in language arts, math & science

Arts & Crafts

Drawing, painting, puppet making, needle craft, and cooking


Hand crafting musical instruments, rhythm, singing, interpretive movement and dance


Mime, speech, story telling, puppetry interpretive monologue and dialogue

Foreign Language

Familiarization with basic vocabulary through song and rhyme


Exposure to various styles of poetry, familiarization with rhythmic patterns, identifying rhyming words in familiar verses and having fun by making up new ones

Computer Programs

Providing practice with various language & math skills and learning computer skills in the process.Children and their parents can look ahead to many years of happy learning, when a good foundation has been provided

Sign Language

A system of communication using visual gestures and signs, as used by deaf people

Who are we?

Family owned and operated. Owners are on site five days a week and personally involved in all aspects of the day to day operations. Our faculty is composed of highly qualified teachers who enjoy children, respect their individual learning styles and recognize the different stages of child development. They are continually improving and fine-tuning their individual skills and group program

Fun Facts

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